The Main Stream Media’s Outright Lies, and Fake News

Main Stream Media Collage

Bias, sensationalism and fake news are rampant all throughout the media today.  People are tired of being treated as gullible, and talked down to.  For decades this has been an ever increasing problem leaving people dissatisfied, angry and questioning “How do I know what is fact or fiction?” News outlets have taken the tongue in cheek adage of “If it bleeds, it leads” and incorporated it into policy.  They will outright lie to you, in hopes that you will either simply accept what they say as fact or enrage you into action for causes sponsored by corporations and conservative, liberal politics.

They control the script

Freedom of the press is not only a right, but a responsibility.  The Main Stream Media (MSM) has abused their freedom and ignored their responsibility.  They do not care for journalistic standards or the presentation of objective facts, and ignore the truth in pursuit swaying your opinion toward whoever is paying them the most. Take for instance the 2016 US election race. Bernie Sanders while packing to capacity numerous venues received very little coverage from the MSM in comparison to Hillary Clinton and her speaking engagements.  Sanders had fallen victim to “The Script”. In the MSM election script they presume who will be the loser, and that person is marginalized and even dismissed. The script also determined that Sanders shouldn’t get favourable coverage. Or, put more plainly, the MSM picks the loser and then through the use of bias, sensationalism and fake news, seeks to make it a reality. Meanwhile the MSM and their pollsters worked hand in hand to try and set the narrative that it would be senseless to go out and vote for Donald Trump, and his supporters should just stay home on Election Day by running an article titled “Scientist predicts 99% chance of Clinton win” (MSNBC 4/11/2016).


They’ve stopped hiding, because they don’t care

MSM exploits their freedom, insults the people’s intelligence, and now does not even try to hide their political bias. When stories come about that are inconvenient to their agendas, they flood the airwaves and internet with sensationalized diversions and when they need something that doesn’t exist, they will create and fake it. Current rating systems like Nielson care only to track Quantity with viewer numbers broken down by demographics, but they work for MSM not for you, there has been no system that works for the people, provides a Quality based rating system, and holds the MSM accountable, until now.

Finally we can hold them accountable

Citizen Stream Media is an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides a one of a kind platform which aggregates articles, videos as well as podcasts from the MSM. This platform is designed to provide subscribers a voice which holds the MSM accountable for sensationalism, bias and fake news by rating individual news items that are then totalled into an overall journalism Rating Score (JRS).

Our main objective is to expose bad journalism and to exalt good journalism, and see to it that people can compare and contrast how different news organizations present like stories, and ensure their voice gets heard.

This is going to be a fight, the MSM has money and influence, but we won’t stop. We will do our part and continue to hold Citizen Stream Media here collecting news items, but We Need Your Help. We need to hear your voice, subscribe and rate news items.  Follow us on Twitter (@CSM_WatchDog) and Like us on Facebook (@CitizenStreamMedia). Share our posts with friends, family, co-workers.  We need your help to share the vision that together we can reshape the MSM back into an entity that will work for you, and not the highest corporate or political bidder.


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