At Age 9, She Survived A Brutal Acid Attack. Here’s Her Life 18 Years Later.

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Summary: ” Share this slide: “If you’re disfigured, if you’ve some sort of physical disabilities, the whole family is stigmatized.” When Nurjahan came back to her village, strangers harassed her when she went out in public. “My dream job is to work with Doctors Without Borders.” Reflecting on all she’s been through, Nurjahan also says she’s developed a nuanced perspective of not just herself but everything around her. “Unfortunately, I’d to sacrifice just how I look to gain my education, a better understanding of the world.”  The 27-year-old is especially grateful, for the doctors, and caring individuals who helped her throughout her journey and says she’s committed to focusing on the future she currently has. She cries virtually every night when she goes to sleep.” In 2004, with her surgeries complete, Nurjahan was forced to get back to Bangladesh. Nurjahan Khatun was 9 years old when a brutal acid attack changed her life in an instant. One minute, the young Bangladeshi girl was sound asleep next to her 13-year-old cousin; the next, she was screaming in horror as acid melted her face, and flesh.”

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