“BLIMP CRASHES Pilot hurt as aircraft catches fire near US Open” -Fox News

Fox News
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Summary: ” (AP) A blimp flying near the U.S. Open golf tournament in Wisconsin crashed Thursday, sending a plume of smoke up into the air as its pilot was rushed to a hospital. Pilot looked care for he bailed out pic.twitter.com/X6MqxB6yWz A representative from AirSign — the owners of the blimp — offered a differing report, telling Fox News that the pilot didn’t sustain serious injuries, and is expected to be OK. Another representative told The Associated Press that they couldn’t confirm live witness reports that the pilot skydived from the blimp, adding that the aircraft’s operators do not on most occasions carry parachutes. June 15, 2017: A blimp crashes during such time first of all round of the U.S. Open golf tournament near Erin Hills in Erin, Wis.”

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