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Summary: ” Jeff Flake of Arizona, who plays centre field on the Republican baseball team, said he was standing along the first-base line when gunfire erupted. Three minutes following the first of all 911 call, Alexandria police arrived, and began trading shots with the gunman, he said. Scalise, 51, who represents Louisiana, and is the third-ranking Republican in the House, was standing at second base when the shooting erupted, witnesses said. MedStar Washington Hospital Center said Wednesday night that Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to his left hip. The office of Williams, the Texas Republican, said that he was not wounded, but that a member of his staff — pointed out as legislative correspondent Zack Barth — was shot, and taken to the hospital. Photos: Gunman Opens Fire at Republican Baseball Practice Members of Congress from both parties have been using the field each and every morning in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood — about seven miles from Washington — in preparation, for an annual bipartisan charity game scheduled for Thursday. Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown told reporters that local officers showed up within three minutes, and immediately engaged the gunman. Melania Trump gave Jennifer Scalise a bouquet of flowers of white flowers during a oral conversation of about 10 minutes at the congressman’s bedside, the official said. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, said the shooting started about an hour at the end of about 20 Republican lawmakers showed up at the field, for what started out as a typical practice. Capitol Police, first of all responders and colleagues.” Related: Gabby Giffords Says Her ‘Heart’ Is With Scalise, Other Victims Witnesses told investigators that when the armed gunman showed up at the ball field, he asked people: “Are these the Republicans, or the Democrats?” Leonard Crook said he was working out on the main floor of the YMCA, about 50 yards from the field, when a woman frantically began banging on the door, trying to have access to in. He said investigators had no in other words why the armed gunman chose “today at all or this place.” “Then, finally, we heard the response from the Capitol Hill police.” “In the field, I see Representative Scalise is shot but moving and he is trying to drag himself through the dirt and out into the outfield.” I was present time at this mornings GOP baseball practice but am alright. Stuart Claggett, who was walking his dog, said he heard the shots go off of “like fireworks.” Timothy Slater, head of the Criminal Division of the FBI’s Washington field office, told reporters late Wednesday afternoon that the suspect’s motives remained under investigation. Sen. The president then said on Twitter that Scalise, whom he called “one of the truly great people,” was in “very tough shape —, but he’s a real fighter.” Just left hospital. Related: Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes After Baseball Practice Shooting Speaking at the White House, President Donald Trump, who announced that Hodgkinson died, lauded Capitol Police, and first of all responders. by Pete Williams, Alex Moe, and Erik Ortiz WASHINGTON — House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people were wounded Wednesday morning when a armed gunman opened fire on members of the Republican congressional baseball team as they were practicing on a field in Alexandria, Virginia. Barton said that the group was lucky that Scalise was there with his Capitol Police security detail, and that they were able to prevent the shooter from getting on the field. “We had somebody yell at the end of about 10 minutes, ‘Shooter’s down!’ Rep. A senior administration official said the Trumps held a meeting with many of the doctors treating Scalise, and Griner herself prior to they visited first of all with Griner and then with Scalise’s wife, Jennifer. “He was doing it simply because he did not care for the political climate, and chose to start out off shooting at a bunch of congressmen who today happened to be Republicans,” said Barton, who was at the park with his sons, Jack and Brad, when the shooting happened.”

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