“Cyber Security Attacks Are a Global Threat. Chinese Scientists Have the Answer: Quantum Mechanics” -Newsweek

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Summary: ” Chinese physicists have used a satellite to beat the distance record, for quantum entanglement. That disruption was accentuated by Louis de Broglie, who realized that if light shall be able to behave care for a particle, then perhaps electrons, which physicists had constantly thought of as particles, could might possibly behave like waves. “They demonstrated the persistence of entanglement over with a longer distance than any experiment prior to by roughly a factor of ten.” Dowling says that this achievement proves that the quantum-based technologies numerous physicists envision are attainable. The researchers managed to send photon pairs to different kinds ground stations repeatedly, and confirmed that the photons were entangled. Subsequent research by Neils Bohr, and others disrupted what physicists understood about electrons, the negatively charged particles that swirl around the heavy centers of the atoms that invent the elements (gold, silver, potassium, calcium…) that in turn make up matter. The researchers split a photon on a satellite, and sent the two resulting photons in two different kinds directions, aimed at ground stations in China. Albert Einstein called it “spuckhafte ferwirklung,”, or “spooky action at a distance.” For more on the past history of quantum physics, and the entanglement phenomenon, author Chad Orzel, who teaches physics at Union College, has some excellent videos. Photons behave care for waves, and particles. The basic principle allows, for “a secure communication channel that’s unhackable,” says Jonathan Dowling, a physicist at Louisiana State University “When the Chinese roll out this the kind of communications nationwide, which is their plan,” says Dowling, “then no matter just how numerous NSA computers you string together, you’re never going to be able to tap into their system.” The Breakthrough A new study in Science , by Juan Yin, and colleagues at the University of Science and Technology in China and many other institutions there, has brought this future technology within much closer reach. “The satellite will go down in past history as the first of all link in the quantum internet.” The Chinese physicists aren’t the only team on the quest, for this technology. The first of all step was realizing that light behaves care for a stream of individual particles, called photons. With quantum entanglement, two particles derived from the exact same exact source behave the same way, even when they’re far apart. Still, the new study is a huge major breakthrough because it proves entanglement shall be able to be achieved from a satellite, and across this large distance. The next step, he says, is to perform more experiments with light from space, across, yet longer distances, and at faster speeds, with a ultimate objective of controlling quantum states and understanding just how gravity affects quantum behavior.”

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