Democracy—Not Donald Trump—Dies Brutally in ‘Julius Caesar,’ Just as Shakespeare Intended

Daily Beast
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Summary: ” That’s our job.” The Public’s mission, said Eustis, was “to say that the culture belongs to everybody, needs to belong to everybody; to state that art has something to say about the great civic issues of our time and to say that, care for drama, democracy depends on the conflict of different kinds points of view. But Shakespeare’s emphasis and the Public’s focus, is on what plotting to diminish and take away his power will do to society; what does it mean, for democracy; and just how easily political and cultural threads shall be able to be torn dangerously asunder when such a political assassination takes place. “Anybody who watches this play tonight will know, neither Shakespeare nor the Public Theater, could advocate violence as a solution to political problems, and certainly not assassination,” Eustis had said in his introduction. Nobody owns the truth, all of us own the culture.” In the play itself, its characters in modern-day dress, Gregg Henry as Caesar wears a red tie and carries himself as Trump would. How did they feel about the scene in which Caesar, attired as Donald Trump, and played by Gregg Henry, would be bloodily cut down by Brutus and his fellow assassins? What did they think of the controversy, fanned by outrage on Breitbart, and later on Fox News, around the show that’d led Delta Air Lines and Bank of America to withdraw funding from the Public Theater, one of the almost all venerable arts institutions in New York? Sad to report to the right-wing fire-starters and Newt Gingrich who invoked the Public’s production darkly on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning but those in attendance Monday night queued, for gin and tonics without obvious blood-lust in their eyes and took their seats, quietly leafing through programs. The Public’s Julius Caesar doesn’t delight in the demise of Donald Trump in any way. This Julius Caesar is the very opposite to a positive advertisement, for the joy, and desirable benefits of a Trump assassination. This is also a Shakespearean tragedy accordingly those exact same exact bodies ultimately join in addition to the main characters in going to war over with what they believe and the truly shocking thing isn’t the bloodied body of Caesar but the massed corpses on the stage by the play’s end. But it is, whatever your political affiliation, Caesar being murdered, not Donald Trump. The shocking thing about this production of Julius Caesar isn’t the murder of Caesar itself, bloody as it’s but just how the play evokes the fragility of democracy and how power shall be able to corrupt and itself be corrupted. Also on Monday, eagle-eyed social media users rightly equated the flattery that Trump sought and received from his cabinet with King Lear, at the commencement of that play, demanding the exact same exact explicitly stated devotion from his three daughters, Regan, Goneril and Cordelia. The exact same exact questions were being asked of those going into the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar on Monday night in New York’s Central Park.”

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