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Summary: ” Mark Warner of Virginia, a Democrat who asked the attorney general if he’d confidence in foregoing FBI Director Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel to probe, whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. “This is part of a repeated, and troubling pattern from Trump administration officials who clam up and refuse to answer questions about the Russia investigation, even though cabinet officials have had no qualms talking about their conversations with the President,” he added. “Unfortunately, the Attorney General repeatedly refused to answer pertinent questions from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee without offering a scintilla of a legal justification, for doing so,” said Senator Charles Schumer, who isn’t a member of the panel. But he refused to discuss the reports at all “because I know nothing about the investigation.” But Turley also said that the White House could’ve avoided the confrontation by formally invoking executive privilege ahead of time. The Justice Department said following the hearing that there’s written guidance on disclosing conversations between the attorney general, and the president. “The president cannot not assert it, and you’ve testified that only the president shall be able to assert it and, yet I just don’t understand the legal basis, for your refusal to answer.” “Communications that the attorney general had with president on this subject would fall down squarely within the scope of executive privilege as invoked by both Democratic and Republican administrations,” Turley said. RELATED: Sessions says FBI probe of Clinton emails Why ought to have been publicly discussed Sen. He said only the president shall be able to utilize executive privilege to shield conversations from the public. Watch Live: Firefighters Tackle Deadly London High-Rise Blaze by Jon Schuppe Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not answer a number of questions from senators during his testimony on Tuesday —, but he didn’t invoke executive privilege to avoid doing so. “It’s longstanding policy in the Department of Justice not to comment on conversations that the attorney general has had with the president of the United States, for confidential reasons that really are founded in the co-equal branch powers of the Constitution of the United States,” Sessions said.”

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