“‘DESPICABLE ACT’ Gunman who shot Scalise ID’d, believed to be Bernie volunteer” -Fox News

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Summary: ” Scalise was in critical condition Wednesday afternoon, MedStar Washington Hospital said. The incident occurred at Simpson Field in Alexandria, about 10 miles from Washington D.C. Steve Scalise speaks with the media in May. She said she was getting her daughter ready, for school, and then “all of a sudden there was gunfire in our neighborhood.” Scalise, 51, is the House majority whip. A police officer stands by the Alexandria shooting scene. Hodgkinson was shot by Capitol Police, and Alexandria Police, apprehended and taken to the hospital, officials said. “Congressman Scalise is a friend, and a very good friend,” Trump said in a White House address. “Two of our officers participated gunfire and came back fire.” A man walking his dog at a park near the field told Fox News he heard police yelling at the armed gunman to place the gun down followed by someone in, or around the dugout screaming back “Just shoot him.” Scalise endorsed President Trump during last year’s presidential campaign and has been a vocal backer of Trump’s travel ban. Reba Winstead, who resides in the area, described hearing a “boom boom boom boom.” I do not know just how numerous times he was wounded.” FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office Timothy Slater said it was too early to tell if the attack was terror-related. (Derik Holtmann/Belleville News-Democrat via AP) Sen. In this undated file photo, James Hodgkinson holds an indictation during a protest against outside a United States Post Office in Belleville, Ill. He is married with two children. A armed gunman believed to be a supporter of foregoing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sprayed a hail of bullets at a GOP baseball practice Wednesday morning, injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, and four others prior to U.S. President Trump said Hodgkinson died from harmful injuries sustained when he was shot by police. “Without the Capitol Hill police it would’ve been a massacre,” Paul said, calling the scene “sort of a killing field.” There wasn’t expected to be any votes held on Wednesday in light of the shooting. Brooks said the armed gunman was using the dugout as cover, and estimated at about the assailant got off of 50-100 shots during such time attack on the 15-25 people gathered at the field. Rand Paul, R-Ky., described the chaotic scene to Fox News: “We were care for sitting ducks.” A photographer, and Bishop’s aides were present, too. Aside from Scalise, Williams, Paul, Brooks, Wenstrup, and DeSantis, Sen. Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner were both wounded in the incident. “I have just been informed that the alleged shooter at the Republican baseball practice is someone who it would appear that came forward on my presidential campaign,” Sanders said in a statement. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society, and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.” “..While all of this is going on, Steve Scalise our whip was lying on the ground near the second base position crawling into right field, leaving a trail of blood.” Williams was seen being taken from the field on a stretcher but he was reportedly injured while jumping into the dugout as the shots rang out. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, told Fox News he “felt care for I was in Iraq but without my weapon.”  “Behind third base, I see a rifle..I hear Steve Scalise over with near 2nd base scream,” Brooks said. Trump had spoken to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Ryan, Scalise’s wife, and chief of staff and the chief of the Capitol Hill Police.”

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