“Even Trump’s Aides Blame Him for Obstruction Probe: ‘President Did This to Himself’” -Daily Beast

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Summary: ” A second senior administration official pointed to Trump’s role in propagating the rumor that he may fire Mueller—according to the Times, he felt the prospect of being sacked might convince Mueller to resolve the investigation in Trump’s favor—and suggested that the leak to the Post on Wednesday might’ve been an unintended consequence of that move. And currently Mueller is investigating Trump himself, for possible obstruction of justice—by firing Comey, who’d led the FBI inquiry. John Danforth, the only other person to act as a special counsel under the exact same exact authority as Mueller, told The Daily Beast in May that preventing leaks was a top priority when he investigated the Waco raid. Another White House official conceded that it would be “suicide” if Trump sacked Mueller at this point but “I’d be insincere if I said it wasn’t a concern that the president would attempt todo it anyway.” For now, officials are simply concerned with limiting fallout from what’s sure to be a thunderous reaction from the president to news that he’s I personally the target of the FBI’s probe. News of the obstruction investigation, which was first of all reported by The Washington Post on Wednesday, comes just days at the end of Trump himself began floating the feasiblity of firing the new head of the investigation: Robert Mueller, the Justice Department special counsel appointed in the wake of Comey’s firing. It’s really unfair to give a play-by-play and it’s misleading.” Ed Dowd, Danforth’s deputy on the Waco investigation and a foregoing U.S. The FBI’s obstruction investigation is expected to include interviews with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates and Adm. It led, within weeks, to the appointment of a special prosecutor, Comey’s FBI predecessor, Robert Mueller. “If Trump were to fire Mueller, and it could might possibly be shown that his purpose was to impede the investigation, it could be additional evidence of obstruction of justice,” McQuade, who was appointed by President Obama, told The Daily Beast. “You can’t have an investigation that’s dribbled out there in bits, and pieces and suspicions and all of that,” he told The Daily Beast, adding he didn’t want to specifically criticize Mueller’s investigation since he doesn’t know the source of the leaks. “Firing Robert Mueller right currently would be a direct attack on the rule of law by Donald Trump,” Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told The Daily Beast. We aren’t in a position to comment further.” The White House referred questions to Trump’s private counsel, Marc Kasowitz, whose spokesman told the Post, “The FBI leak of information regarding the President is outrageous, inexcusable, and illegal.” The leaks also could might possibly give ammunition to Mueller’s critics. “Whoever leaked [news of the obstruction investigation] was obviously reading that he was thinking about giving Mueller the boot,” the official said. With the serious crisis situation engulfing Trump’s young presidency intensifying, senators, Trump aides, foregoing prosecutors and FBI veterans are sending the White House an urgent warning: Whatever you do, don’t.”

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