F-35 Stealth Jets Are Choking Their Pilots

Daily Beast
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Summary: ” “The jets at Luke Air Force Base are a large portion of the F-35 fleet but we still maintain combat readiness.. “In each and every case, the aircraft’s backup oxygen system operated as designed, and the pilot followed the right procedures, landing the aircraft safely,” Luke officials stated. Air Force has grounded a quarter of its new F-35 stealth fighters at the end of five pilots reported symptoms consistent with oxygen-deprivation. Ward said the optimal ever way to prevent a service-wide warplane-grounding is to operate lots of different of planes that don’t all suffer the exact same exact technical problems at the same time. The five F-35 pilots, all assigned to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, reported hypoxia-like symptoms between May 2, and June 9. “When a situation care for this arises that requires grounding the entire fleet—as happened when F-22 pilots gone through analogous symptoms—that will take an enormous bite out of allied air power,” Dan Ward, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who has written two books about technology development, told The Daily Beast. They worry that, as the Air Force buys more, and more F-35s, future groundings could might possibly affect a wide swath of the military’s fighter fleet. “The safety of our pilots is a top priority and we will go on to monitor operations, communicate with our airmen and the F-35 community, and will implement recommendations that might come, as a final end result of the go over into the incidents that were reported at Luke,” Erica Vega, a spokeswoman at the Air Force’s Virginia-based Air Combat Command, told The Daily Beast. If, in the future, F-35 pilots suffer dizziness, or confusion in flight, and the military determines that the plane itself is to blame, it might’ve no other choice, but to ground every F-35. We still maintain operations as normal at four of five F-35 bases.” But two knowledgeable experts The Daily Beast spoke to warned that hypoxia-related groundings could might possibly pose a strategic risk as the Pentagon pursues a decades-long plan to acquire as numerous as 2,300 F-35s— all in the hope that streamlining the fighter force will final end result in cost-savings.”

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