“Fox News Blames Left for Congressional Shooting, Gave Right a Pass on Charleston” -Daily Beast

Daily Beast
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Summary: ” People need to think, ‘What’s the common denominator here?’ If this were Republicans, and Trump supporters going out there rioting and burning things and shooting Democrats, it’d be a whole other story.” While he stopped short of blaming Sanders, who forcefully condemned the attack, Watters added that his supporters are on “quite a crime spree recently,” citing the anti-Muslim Portland attacker and alleged NSA leaker Reality Winner as two other examples. “Think prior to you utter those blind, hateful words next time, liberals,” he said, “because there are crazy people out there taking your metaphors literally.” Now compare all of that to the way Fox News hosts reacted to the suggestion that racist hate speech from the Right helped inspire the Charleston shooter. If it was a stretch to state to two years ago that Fox News hosts inspired Dylann Roof to walk into a historically black church, and kill nine people, it’s equally absurd to argue that liberal rhetoric is only to blame, for this week’s attack on Republicans. In their reality, it was an attack on Christians, not African-Americans, despite the fact that the armed gunman reportedly told his victims, “I want to shoot black people.” Hannity accused those on the Left of “racing to politicize a massacre” prior to the victims’ “bodies are even cold,” adding of President Obama, “It wasn’t a unexpected surprise today when the president was among the first of all to utilize the incident not to unite Americans in a brief moment of grief but to divide Americans over with a hot button issue care for gun control.” Ousted host Bill O’Reilly forcefully pushed back on the in other words that the Charleston shooter was inspired by “hate speech” that he heard on Fox News, as a personal friend of Pastor Clementa Pinckney suggested.”

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