“FRISKY FLIGHT Mom embarrassed after raunchy video goes viral” -Fox News

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Summary: ” (Reuters) A female passenger aboard a Ryanair flight claims she’s “mortified” at the end of footage of her giving a lap dance to a fellow passenger went viral online. Tracy Bolton, a 39-year-old mother of three, was flying from Manchester, England, to Ibiza, Spain, when she hopped on top of 31-year-old Shaun Edmondson — who himself has a very pregnant fiancée at home —, for an impromptu dance. EXCLUSIVE: Man filmed romping in front of passengers on a Ryanair flight was ‘cheating on his very pregnant fiancee’ t.co/j9V9MAs8Sm pic.twitter.com/ESW55Jb2yQ According to reports, the man even asked his friends if they’d any condoms. SUPER THIN AIRLINE SEATS TO MAKE FLYING EVEN WORSE, SAY CRITICS “His mates egged her on to tease him because he didn’t want to depart his girl,” Kristy Lawton, a personal friend of Bolton’s, told The Sun. According to a personal friend of Bolton’s who spoke with The Sun, Edmondson’s friends were the ones that convinced Bolton to do the deed, as Edmondson was sad about leaving his wife at home, for a bachelor party.”

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