“Harrowing video emerges, refurb scrutinized after London fire” -CBS News

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Summary: ” A statement issued Wednesday by Rydon Group CEO Robert Bond said the Grenfell Tower project “met all required building regulations.” The cause of the blaze is under investigation but a tenants’ group had complained, for years about the risk of a fire. Asked by Reuters, the new construction company that carried out the refurbishment on Grenfell Tower “declined to say”, whether the barriers between floors in the cladding had been installed. Residents who spoke to CBS News have said they spent years complaining about fire safety concerns, including blocked exits in the building but that the management company was never responsive. Resident Rania Ibrham streamed the video live on her Facebook page at 1:38 a.m. A massive, and deadly fire completely engulfed a London apartment tower early Wednesday. According to The Guardian newspaper, the London Fire Brigade warned local municipalities across London in April that external cladding of this type could might possibly pose a risk in the event of a fire and an additional report by the Reuters news agency raised questions over, whether all recommended precautions to moderate that know risk were taken at Grenfell Tower. Joe Ruane, a long-time fire safety expert and inspector, told CBS News that the Grenfell Tower fire might wait on as a deadly case study in just how things shall be able to go incorrect when not done to both legal standard and safety specification. Newspaper reports cited the advance planning documents, for that neighborhood regeneration as stating that the cladding was chosen, in part, as a low-cost way to improve Grenfell Tower’s external appearance to new local neighbors in the expensive residences being constructed nearby. Last Updated Jun 15, 2017 7:51 AM EDT LONDON — London’s fire commissioner said Thursday morning that it would be a miracle if any more survivors were found following the devastating high-rise fire that killed at least 17 people. Hundreds of firefighters battled a deadly blaze that raged through a London apartment building overnight The Grenfell Tower building underwent an $11 million refurbishment in 2015-2016 that saw the new external cladding installed. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports the damage to the 24-story building is, accordingly severe that fire officials said it would take weeks to inspect each and every floor carefully.”

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