” Justice Department special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction of justice: Report” -ABC News

ABC News
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Summary: ” Former FBI Director James Comey suggested in testimony prior to the Senate Intelligence committee last week that Mueller would consider, whether a crime was committed when Trump allegedly told him “I hope you shall be able to let this go,” referring to the investigation into ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn. Rosenstein told the Senate Appropriations Committee Tuesday that Mueller would’ve “the completely full to capacity degree of independence that he needs to conduct that investigation appropriately” and that he wouldn’t follow at the end of an order to fire the special counsel “unless I believe those are lawful and proper orders.” “I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning but that’s a final conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work towards, to try and understand what the intention was there and, whether that’s an offense.” The president denies that he asked Comey to drop down the Flynn probe, part of his version of the events involving the foregoing director that he said last week he had be “100 percent” willing to recount under oath. Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating, whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct justice in the probe of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, according to a story by The Washington Post. In testimony prior to the Senate Intelligence committee last week, Comey affirmed that he earlier told Trump he wasn’t I personally being investigated in the FBI’s counter-intelligence probe.”

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