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” The eventual Republican nominee will face off of in December against foregoing U.S. The reddest Democratic-held seat is HD-138, just where Democrat Robert Alley won a second term 52-48 in a 59-34 Trump seat. ● KS-02: Former state House Minority Leader Paul Davis, who was the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nominee, launched his campaign, for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District on Tuesday, giving the party a solid new recruit for the race to replace retiring Republican Rep. This is almost all pronounced in the city of Bangor, Maine’s third-largest. ● Pres-by-LD: Daily Kos Elections’ project to calculate the 2016 presidential results, for each state legislative seat in the nation comes to Maine, just where the GOP holds a one-seat majority in the state Senate, and Democrats have a small size for example in the state House.

Miller now faces businessman Scott Sturgill in the primary, while state Sen. Ward has represented Wichita in the state House since the 2002 election and he could might possibly cut into foregoing Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s base in the primary if he does decide to join in addition to the race. However, with such a crowded gubernatorial primary field, Prichard likely just found it too hard to cut through the clutter and state House Democrats will likely be pleased to not have to defend his legislative seat next year without an incumbent. Voters tend to be even more open to splitting their tickets in state races than in federal ones accordingly Davis must convince numerous Trump-voting Republicans to cross over, and vote, for a Democrat for federal office. An Iraq War veteran, Prichard had won re-election by 54-46 in a rural northeastern Iowa district that zoomed rightward from 56-43 Obama to 57-38 Trump last year and he might have been a strong contender to win back those exact same exact sorts of voters who turned Iowa red in 2016.

We really were not kidding when we said a boatload of Democrats are in the running; the current field also includes foregoing state party chair Andy McGuire, well-connected businessman, and donor Fred Hubbell, ex-Gov. Until recently, Maine drew its state legislative seats on an unusual timetable, waiting a completely full to capacity election cycle following the Census to put new lines in place. Bellows won her Kennebec County seat 45-37, with an independent taking 18 percent, even as the district voted, for Trump 47-45. Remarkably, Trump’s second-best seat in the entire state, SD-02, is held by freshman Democrat Michael Carpenter; last year, Carpenter won this seat, which is dominated by Aroostook County in the northern part of the state, 52-48 even as SD-02 backed Trump 62-32. Five Republicans hold Clinton districts, while four Democrats represent Trump turf.

Davis lost by just 50-46 statewide when he challenged Republican Gov. Newman ran, for the 2nd back in 2008 when it was last an open seat but he lost the primary by 31-21 to businessman Edward Tinsley, who continued to lose the general election in that year’s Democratic wave. ● NM-02: Republican Monty Newman, a foregoing state party chair, and ex-mayor of the town of Hobbs (population: 38,00) in New Mexico’s southeastern corner, launched his campaign on Monday to succeed outgoing GOP Rep. This seat voted, for Trump by 50-40 and ought to favor Republicans next year, though Democrats might’ve a shot if 2018 turns into a truly Democratic-leaning midterm under an unpopular Republican president. ● FL-Gov: Democratic Rep. By contrast, thankfully, the state Senate map splits only a few in number communities and Bangor is entirely located in just one district, SD-09. (The vote totals in each and every district, however, are different.) Freshman Kent Ackley, running as a “Common Sense Independent,” beat a Republican 53-47 as Trump was taking his seat 58-34, while freshman Owen Casas beat his Democratic foe 50.1-49.9 in a 68-27 Clinton seat.

State Senate Minority Leader Troy Jackson, who regained his seat 52-48 last year at the end of an unsuccessful 2014 congressional bid, holds a rural seat that voted, for Trump 51-43. ● KS-Gov: Democratic state House Minority Leader Jim Ward had earlier said he was considering running, for Kansas governor next year and he recently stated that he will make an announcement on Aug. Strange, who’d served as Alabama’s attorney general, was elevated to the Senate in February to fill the vacancy originally created when Sessions joined Trump’s cabinet. This includes state Senate President Michael Thibodeau, who won 52-48 as his Waldo County seat supported Clinton by a very narrow 46.3-45.7 margin; Thibodeau shall be termed-out in 2018. As, for the two Republicans who hold districts that are decidedly bluer, Amy Volk won her second term 59-41 in a seat that went 52-42 Clinton, while Brian Langley won 56-44 in a seat that backed her 53-41.

Eighteen Democrats represent Trump seats, while eight Republicans hold Clinton turf….Read The Full Article Here

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