“Mueller’s team got a search warrant for the ads and info that may now help determine who bought them” -CNN



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Summary: ‘ Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN last week that Facebook hadn’t turned over with the ads to Congress. Facebook didn’t give copies of the ads to members of the Senate, and House intelligence committees when it held a meeting with them last week on the grounds that doing, accordingly would violate their privacy policy, sources with knowledge of the briefings said. Warner also indicated that his committee might call Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks in, for “some level of public hearing.” Facebook’s policy states that, in accordance with the federal Stored Communications Act, it shall be able to only turn over with the stored contents of an account in response to a search warrant.

Facebook gave Mueller, and his team copies of ads and related information it found out on its site linked to a Russian troll farm, and, also detailed information about the accounts that bought the ads and the way the ads were targeted at American Facebook users, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNN. Sen. As CNN reported Thursday, Facebook is still not sure, whether pro-Kremlin groups might have made other ad buys intended to influence American politics that it simply has not found out yet….Read The Full Article Here

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