Nigeria: Pro-Biafra Leader Tries to Calm Tension After Ethnic Cleansing Call

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Summary: ” Uwazurike said that while pro-Biafra groups care for MASSOB would go on to call, for self-determination, there was no desire for an additional secessionist conflict. Read more: Ahead of the Biafran War anniversary, ethnic tensions are flaring up in Nigeria again Uwazurike also distanced himself, and his group from Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Subscribe to Newsweek from $1 per week Following the declaration of Biafra’s independence in 1967, the Nigerian military blockaded the state, and fought a three-year civil war against secessionist forces; at least 1 million people were killed, numerous because of starvation, prior to the war ended in 1970 with the get back of Biafra to Nigeria. The call came around the 50th anniversary of the Biafran war, when ex-Nigerian military officer Odumegwu Ojukwu unilaterally declared an independent Republic of Biafra in the southeast of Nigeria, which was mainly populated by Igbos who’d fled persecution elsewhere in the country. The leader of a pro-Biafra group has sought to calm tensions in northern Nigeria, following a call, for ethnic cleansing by a coalition of youth groups, which came 50 years at the end of a brutal civil war in the West African country. The Igbo people are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups, and are traditionally based in the east of the country.”

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