North Korea Missiles Called Global Threat, but How Close Are They to Hitting U.S.?

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Summary: ” “Thus, an initial ICBM test would occur sometime between 2018, and 2020.” Contrary to videos run by North Korean state media that depict simulated ICBM attacks on targets in Washington and other threats against New York and Los Angeles, developing such a weapon that’s functional and reliable is likely years away, for North Korea. Related: North Korea threatened to destroy New York with nuclear missiles because of Trump’s Twitter fingers Subscribe to Newsweek from $1 per week “We underscored the important role that China shall be able to play in this process additionally the important role that the United Nations Security Council and other organizations within the international community can play in bringing this message home to North Korea loud and clear,” Shannon added, according to Kyodo News Agency and cited by Agencia EFE. The nuclear-armed state has said it was in the final stages of producing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) but just how close North Korea really is, and how great a threat the reclusive state in factposes to the U.S. and other foreign forces from invading and overthrowing Kim’s government. North Korea defends its right to possess a nuclear weapons stockpile, now believed to contain up to 20 warheads and to produce ICBMs on the basis that reaching such a military threshold prevents the U.S. A top State Department official has said that North Korea’s successful development of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) would make it a global threat.”

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