“POLS TO BLAME Lawmaker: ‘Rhetorical terrorism’ behind violence” -Fox News

Fox News
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Summary: ” The shooting Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice prompted swift calls to ratchet down the country’s heated political rhetoric, with one Republican congressman who was at the scene saying the “hateful rhetoric” on both sides has to stop. Davis stressed, though, that numerous bills are still passed on a bipartisan basis, and some of his optimal ever friends “are on the other side of the aisle.” “I stand here today and say stop, we’ve to stop,” Davis said, urging the country to come together as Americans, not Republicans and Democrats. He credited Scalise’s security detail with helping prevent the attack from being a lot worse, calling the officers “true heroes.” But he said the country needs to take ratchet down the political discourse. “Political rhetoric has led to this violent the kind of activity that has got to desist in this country,” Davis said.”

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