“Republicans have dramatically ramped up their attacks on Russia probe in 2018.” -Huffington Post

Huffington Post


Citizen Stream Media’s Mission, And You

Summary: ‘ Reopening the Clinton Foundation probe without compelling new evidence “smacks of pure political partisanship,” Peter Zeidenberg, a foregoing U.S. In addition to pretending Mueller, and Rosenstein are patchouli-scented liberals, Republicans — who’ve long tried to align their party with law enforcement interests — have found themselves compelled to paint the largely conservative-minded FBI as a hotbed of progressive activists. DeSantis announced he was in the race last week, citing the “support of the president.” There is some very bad news, for Trump in all this, though: So far Mueller seems entirely unaffected by the attacks on his work. Here are a few: Last Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who once had a famously bumpy relationship with Trump, backed the president’s close personal friend and ally, Rep. There’s nothing explicitly incorrect with officials privately discussing their views on politicians and text messages the two exchanged might have been part of an effort to cover up a romantic affair they were having.

Despite Trump’s suggestion to the contrary, the special counsel investigation is already under the control of Republicans: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and Mueller, a foregoing FBI director, are both members of the GOP. The president’s allies spent the first of all 10 days of 2018 redoubling their efforts to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and its congressional cousins and protect Trump from any political, or legal fallout. “We’re seeing it intensify right currently — in part because of the feedback loop between right-wing media, and congressional Republicans that are acting on right-wing media narratives; and, in part due to the increased pressure on Trump.” Also on Wednesday, Paul Manafort, the foregoing Trump campaign chairman whom Mueller has charged with conspiracy to defraud the U.S., money laundering and a variety of other federal crimes, launched a stunty (and likely doomed) lawsuit against the special counsel, alleging that his investigation is overbroad and improperly authorized. and Chuck Grassley (Iowa) — sent a letter to the Justice Department, and FBI asking, for an investigation into Christopher Steele, the foregoing British spy who compiled the notorious dossier on then-candidate Trump.

(Regardless, Mueller removed Strzok from his team long prior to issuing his first of all indictment in the matter.) Despite an expiring statute of limitations, the FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas, has reopened an investigation into pay-for-play allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Republicans in the House are diving into text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page to investigate, whether the pair interacted with reporters. Strzok served on Mueller’s team, and was removed over with the summer following the special counsel learned that Strzok and Page exchanged text messages that were critical of a number of politicians on both sides of the aisle, including Trump. But one live witness — evidently sympathetic to a Clinton Foundation inquiry — told The Hill it was “extremely professional, and unquestionably thorough.” And the Daily Beast reported last week that the FBI, ”acutely aware” of Trump’s demands, is also taking an additional look at Clinton’s handling of e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state.

The optics are horrible.” Former FBI Director James Comey, whose firing by Trump last spring is part of Mueller’s investigation, wrote on Twitter last month that it was sad that things were at a point “when anyone shall be able to be attacked, for partisan gain,” later on writing longingly for “more ethical leadership, focused on the truth, and lasting values” in 2018. WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that it’s time, for Republicans to “finally take control” of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and bring an final end to a scandal that’s been looming over with his presidency since he took office nearly a year ago….Read The Full Article Here

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