Russia Could Hack 2020 Election, Too, Report Says; 39 States Hit In 2016

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Summary: ” The report, published Tuesday morning, said Illinois investigators found out that hackers attempted to delete, or effect change voter data in the state’s voter database. Russian hackers attacked voter databases and software systems in 39 states during last year’s elections and authorities fear that while the hacks might not have affected vote totals, it’s possible Russia learned enough from the attacks to put 2020’s presidential election in the crosshairs, sources with knowledge of the U.S. investigation told Bloomberg. During September’s G-20 summit, Obama said he told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “knock off” the hacking attempts but the leaks of Democratic National Committee emails continued, according to NBC News. Winner is facing charges from the Department of Justice, for releasing the report, which detailed exactly just how Russian hackers attempted to gain have access to to the U.S. Putin has consistently denied Russia hacked the election but previously in time this month stated he couldn’t rule out “patriotic” Russians conducting some kind of hacking effort.”

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