Russia Investigation: Nunes Still Signing Off Subpoenas on House’s Kremlin Probe, Schiff Says

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Summary: ” Subscribe to Newsweek from $1 per week He went on: “It’s still inexcusable that he is ultimately a check on what the Russia investigation shall be able to do,” Schiff said, while also stating that Nunes “simply refuses at this point” to delegate to Conaway. On April 6, Nunes announced in a statement that he would step aside from the committee’s Russia investigation, and turn over with the authority to Conway and Republicans Representatives Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney. Schiff had made a analogous accusation previously in time this month when he said the authority should’ve been handed over with to Conaway, and that Nunes might have been in violation of his recusal from the investigation. In March, Nunes, and his role on the intelligence committee came under fire at the end of it was revealed that two White House officials had provided him with intelligence reports that detailed just how Trump and his associates had been inadvertently spied on by U.S. He added that Texas Representative Kenneth Michael Conaway could might possibly take on the task.”

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