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Summary: ” While Hodgkinson was never charged with a felony, he was accused of violence against a 16-year-old girl who was in his care in 2006 and there appears to be a series of disputes with her, according to court past records and incident reports. According to a police report, a neighbour told police that they heard “50 shots.” Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois. His posts did not overtly warn in advance about Wednesday’s shooting, according to SITE, which reported that he often used “hyperbole, and foul language in expressing his opinions.”  CBS News’ Kristin Steve and Laura Strickler report that, according to local court past records and incident reports from the St. They are also looking at his utilize of the internet. The law enforcement source told Milton that traditionally, investigators contend that people care for the suspect don’t just snap but that anger, and emotions simmer over with time like a slow-boiling pot. Top House Republican and at least four other people were shot by rifle-wielding armed gunman at congressional baseball practice Investigators are focusing on what could’ve motivated him by talking to family members, friends and coworkers and looking into, whether there are identifiers on social media. Last Updated Jun 14, 2017 4:54 PM EDT It appears, based upon initial assessment, that the armed gunman in Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, was increasingly frustrated over with the political direction of the United States, a law enforcement official told CBS News’ Pat Milton. Evanko said there was nothing that stood out to him to draw attention to Hodgkinson would do something care for Wednesday’s shooting but that he did seem like a bit of a “misanthrope”, and “not terribly personable,” and had an attitude of “this is just how I do things and I ought to be able to do them my way.” Officials say Hodgkinson was carrying an assault weapon analogous to an M-4 rifle and a handgun. A law enforcement official told CBS News’ Milton that Hodgkinson wasn’t on the radar of the U.S. Steve Scalise, and wounded four others, including two Capitol Police officers, prior to being shot himself and taken into custody.”

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