“Surely Some Mistake. Why Did ISIS Attack Iran? ” -Newsweek

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Summary: ” Iran’s critical role in Syria has significantly contributed to the spread of sectarianism across the Middle East: ISIS has been a key beneficiary of this. In Iraq, Tehran’s critical support, for Shia majoritarianism significantly contributed to Sunni marginalization, indirectly amplifying the ideological appeal of ISIS. Its domestic policies discriminating against ethnic/religious minorities and its sectarian foreign policy in Iraq and Syria are key elements that has contributed to ISIS’ expansion. Partly because of this, Iran, and its proxies are fighting ISIS on various battlefields across the Middle East. Ignored by Iranian officials, and by almost all expert commentators, however, was any recognition that Tehran’s domestic and regional policies were contributing factors. His latest book is “Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East.” Given Iran’s majority Shia population, and the fact that ISIS is a deeply anti-Shia cult informed by an extremist Sunni neo-Wahhabism, it has been widely assumed that Iranian recruits to ISIS would be difficult to find. The Assad regime – backed by Iran (and Russia) – bears the lion’s share together of responsibility, for this state of affairs. At the exact same exact time, Iran’s sectarian foreign policy has indirectly contributed to the rise up ISIS. According to the distinguished Iranian journalist Mashallah Shamsolvaezin, the “border towns, and villages and tribes along Iran’s east, west and southern borders are poor and vulnerable to extremism.” This has produced social conditions just where “young unemployed men shall be able to be wooed and recruited.” In other words, Iran currently has a homegrown terrorist problem of its own. In other words, the expansion of ISIS into Iran was a classic case of Iranian regime blowback. From the inception of the conflict and before the rise up of salafi-jihadism in Syria, Iran strongly backed the Assad regime.”

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