Trappist-1 Has High Odds of Interplanetary Life, New Mathematical Model Shows

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Summary: ” The seven planets orbiting Trappist-1 are relatively Earth-sized and relatively close to one another. Their model shows that the likelihood of life transferring among these rocky planets (“lithopanspermia”) is “orders of magnitude higher” than the likelihood of the exact same exact event occurring between Earth, and Mars, the authors write. Trappist-1 is a small size star, just one-eighth the size of our own sun, about 40 light years away from us, and inside the constellation of Aquarius. Panspermia in a system care for Trappist-1, says Langam, “has the potential advantage of seeding multiple planets in the exact same exact system with life.” The present time model accounts, for only “factors that could might possibly be addressed with some certainty,” he says. Earlier this year, NASA announced the discovery of an ultracool dwarf star surrounded on all sides by seven Earth-size planets.”

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