“Vladimir Putin Trolls James Comey Over ‘Strange’ Memo Leak” -Huffington Post

Huffington Post
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Summary: ” “My judgment was, I needed to have access to that out into the general public square, and, accordingly I asked a personal friend of mine to share together the content of the memo with a reporter.” Comey described in the memo a February meeting at which Trump allegedly said he hoped the then-FBI director would drop down the bureau’s investigation of Trump’s foregoing national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Share this slide: Russian President Vladimir Putin took a jab at foregoing FBI Director James Comey Thursday by offering him asylum in Russia ought to he face political prosecution in the U.S. #Putin: We are ready to provide political asylum to #Comey if there’s some kind of prosecution in the US t.co/mCryvrRUAK pic.twitter.com/aY5tSPClxD Comey defended his decision to share together the information with a personal friend who then passed it on to The New York Times by noting that the information wasn’t classified, and that he was a private citizen at the end of Trump fired him as FBI director in early May.”

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